Built-in tools to engage and communicate with your users.

Segment users using advanced filtering mechanisms, and schedule automated email campaigns for deeper engagement with your users.


Engage your users with targeted communications

We know how important user engagement is for your app's success. The Appstax platform comes with automatic support for tracking and querying your users' location, device and app use. Easily discover your most loyal users and which users are slipping away. Based on detailed user segmentation criteria, create automated email campaigns, newsletters or any other form of email communication to allow deeper engagement with your users.

SegmentationSegment users along multiple dimensions, such as location, device use, date last seen etc. Create reports that track segments.

Scheduling. Define automatic filters and schedule emails to users that satisfy each filter. For example: send an email to users who have not used your app in 3 months, or communicate an important security update to all Android users etc.

Templates. Create beautiful emails using our sophiticated templating engine.