Write and deploy servers in minutes.

NodeJS - Fully integrated - Webhooks.

With Appstax you can deploy NodeJS apps directly to your own containers. No timeouts or runtime restrictions - just pure flexibility.

Get your own NodeJS container

Configure and deploy in minutes

ServerCode is currently in private beta and you must provide an access code in order to use it. If you want to be a part of the beta test please inquire for a key using the following email address: support@appstax.com

Your own container. Your server runs as an isolated container and there are no time-outs or other restrictions imposed on your code.

Integrated. The server module is fully integrated with the back-end and the real-time API, so you can use the JavaScript SDK to access objects from server-code.

Third party components. You can integrate your server code with other third party services outside Appstax. Also, you can deploy needed node modules with your server code project.