Inspire your users with real-time apps.

Don't spend time on coding web-socket infrastructure. With our SDKs you'll code real-time apps in minutes

Both client and server real-time SDK

Up and running with real-time apps in no-time

All of our client SDKs include APIs for enabling real-time capabilities in your apps. You can also use our JavaScript SDK on the server-side and add real-time capabilities to your NodeJS server code.

Public channels Excellent for public object distribution, where you don't care about data access control. Basic publish/subscribe semantics. Start here to get a feel for real-time programming with Appstax.

Private channels. For when you need more sophisticated real-time capabilities, including channel ownership, secure channel access to users complete grant/revoke model.

Real-time object events. Integrate with the DataStorage component and make your app react in real-time to object changes in the back-end.

It's easy to get started

Some docs to get you up to speed with real-time programming

Android example Learn how to build a simple real-time chat app with the Android SDK.

JavaScript channels Read this guide to get the basics on how to write real-time apps with Appstax.

Real-time model. Learn how to build web-apps with real-time and two way data-binding.