QuickStart: Realtime Channels and JavaScript

Get going with some fast hands on examples.


To quickly get a feel for how easy it is to use Realtime Channels, try out the examples below. Both examples connect to the same public channel, and the first example sends messages while the second receives them.

Send a message from the first example to see it appear in the second. You can also open this page in a second browser window or a different computer to see your messages appear there, too.

Sending messages

Receiving messages

Note: This QuickStart uses a common app key for everyone viewing this page, so don't be suprised when data appears that you didn't add yourself. Sign up for a free trial to get your own app key to use instead.

What's next?

You should click the Edit in JSFiddle links on the examples to quickly try out your own ideas. There is more information on Realtime Channels in the JavaScript guide.

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