QuickStart: Realtime Model and JavaScript

The Realtime Model is a real time-saver when you are working with a JavaScript MV* or databinding frameworks. In this tutorial we get you started with examples using AngularJS and React.

Live Todo app

In the examples below you can see how little code is neccesary to configure a model that is live updated with changes from other users. Open this page in another browser window or on another computer and watch how the todo list keeps updating when you add, complete and delete items.

AngularJS version

React version

Note: This QuickStart uses a common app key for everyone viewing this page, so don't be suprised when data appears that you didn't add yourself. Sign up for a free trial to get your own app key to use instead.

What's next?

For an even more complete example of Realtime Model, take a look at our TodoMVC examples using React and AngularJS.

You should also click the Edit in JSFiddle link on the example above to quickly try out your own ideas. There is more information on Realtime Model in the JavaScript guide.

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